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Founding Philosophy
Helping Students Achieve Academic Success 
With the modern advances in digital technology, the world has witnessed a great wave of globalization. To succeed on the world’s stage, young people need to courageously embrace globalization and learn to ride on its crest. 
C&T English Academy provides courses in line with those offered by successful schools in the United States. We bring professional high quality teachers, materials and programs to southern Taiwan and provide our students with a wide array of exciting international educational choices. 
C&T is the first organization to introduce special students in southern Taiwan to Stanford Elite Courses. We are the only organization in Kaohsiung authorized to represent and promote the University of California Berkeley Summer Sessions which prepare students to further their studies at some of the world’s best educational institutions and become top international talent. 
The academic programs at C&T are dedicated to academic excellence, creativity, and diversity in knowledge:
Academic excellence refers not only to establishing high goals and exceeding educational targets but also to the nurturing of intrinsic self-motivation that will last a lifetime. 
Creativity refers to the cultivation of authentic personalities as well as the ability to go beyond standard ways of thinking and bring innovation to one’s life and career.
Diversity in knowledge refers to the importance we place on integrating various disciplines and diversifying learning, equipping our students with the different fields of knowledge they need to become solvers of seemingly unsolvable problems.  
C&T’s international education team consists of elite teachers from the world’s most prestigious schools. The rich and diverse educational histories, cultural perspectives and global thinking they bring to our organization deepen students learning, enrich their lives, and propel them confidently toward their adventures in international education. 
We have indeed created an academic environment that helps students realize their dreams and shine in the world arena. 
Founder of C&T English Academy, 
Christina Wang