About us

Our Mission


C&T English is dedicated to cultivating top students able to interact successfully in various education contexts throughout to the world. We do this by 
< Specialize in International School Curricula>
■ Helping students master various international school programs and reach their study objectives
■ Tutoring students with different levels of knowlege and ability in a variety of major fields
■ Featuring a fine group of teachers and advisors skillful in helping students develop their English proficiency
■ Inspiring students to use their critical thinking and extensive knowledge to acquire English
< Create Professional and Diverse Faculty>
■ Gathering a professional staff of faculty members educated in different major fields of liberal arts, science, math, business, and various English tests
■ Providing one-to-one tutoring to fully guide each student’s progress
■ Arranging specialized seminars (10 people or less) tailored to their goals
■ Offering a pre-class interview to explore each student’s needs and potential
■ Designing efficient and personalized study plans based on students’ level and interests