Test Prep



IB Diploma Program prepares students for admission to institutions of higher education. Apart from six academic subjects, students must also show facility in Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) in order to obtain the abilities that will make them capable of independent study and academic writing. They must also learn to construct an in-depth, logical, and compelling research thesis and refine their argument by removing preconceptions and weakness.

We have designed a series of advanced courses in which our instructors help students to acquire the most important aptitude in academic learning—analysis—using vavious approaches, activities, and tasks that will help them efficiently overcome their weaknesses and score high!
Recommended Courses
■IB program
History, Economics, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Business Management, etc.
Experimental Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies, etc.)
Mathematics (Mathematics SL and HL, Mathematics SL and HL, Mathematical Studies)
The primary goal is to help student pass IB assessments.