Test Prep


C&T offers the most rigorous SAT training program for our students. Our program emphasizes on the SAT grammar and SAT reading by teaching students a comprehensive foundation
for evidence-based reading questions. We teach students not only the test strategies but also the analytical skill for the SAT reading passages.  
The SAT training program is separated in two levels: 
SAT Beginner Level
■New SAT Reading and Writing
Teaches students the most frequent SAT vocabulary, reading skills, and techniques for answering different types of exam questions.
■SAT Reading Comprehension
Enhances students’ reading ability by analyzing different types of English essays such as social study, science and literature. 
■SAT Grammar
Teaches students to identify common grammatical mistakes related to subject-verb agreement, parallelism, punctuation, dangling modifier, and idiomatic usage.
SAT Intensive Level
Focuses intensively on the SAT mock test and the test strategies. 
After the course, our SAT advanced level students could get the score of 1450 for their actual SAT exam.