High School Program G9~G12

At the level of high school program, we prepare students for diversified courses in school. 
We help G9 to G10 students build a solid foundation for high school science, English, social study and math. 
Recommended courses for G9 and G10
■ English Literature
■ American History
■ Advanced English Literature
■ Environmental Science
■ Biology 
■ Chemistry 
■ Physics 
Our primary goal is to help students of G9 and G10 to be fully prepared for their G11 and G12 curricula.
C&T provides a series of advanced courses for high school students to prepare for their IB program.
Recommended courses for G11 and G12
■ Biology IB HL/SL
■ Biology AP
■ Chemistry IB HL/SL
■ Chemistry AP
■ Physics IB
■ English IB HL/SL
■ Economic HL/SL
■ Business Management HL/SL
■ U.S History HL/SL
■ Psychology
The primary goal is to help G12 students pass their IB assessments.