Primary Year Program G1~G5


Teaching students of G1 to G5 focuses on how to direct them to share their questions, comprehend crucial concepts, develop reading skills, cultivate a positive attitude towards learning, and put theories into practice.
We recommend that beginners of the English class build the foundation from Phonics and short story reading to understand sentences and paragraphs. This will gradually develop students’ proficiency to be able to analyze, express, and comprehend in English.
Recommended Courses
■KAS Basic English Reading and Writing
The course aims to teach students how to brainstorm and compose proper writing outlines and structures of topic sentence, development, and conclusion. Students will learn how to compose the writing of description, narration, persuasive essay, comparison and contrast, and letter. The course also involves Basic English Grammar and Reading Comprehension.
■KAS Primary Year Program Tutoring
The class aims to improve reading and writing abilities of students by tutoring them in the subjects of their program, including History, Science, English, and Math.