Essay Editing Service


C&T English Academy’s elite teachers from around the world have rich experience in helping students proofread their essays. The teachers guide the students in their essay writing skills, as well as constantly modify and proofread their essay content through rounds of face-to-face discussions, helping them attain high scores. 
Every college has its own essay requirements and topics. Teachers from C&T will seek to understand the strength of each student during their lessons, and help them evaluate and uncover things that could highlight their skills, and use it as the essay topic, setting a correct direction for the essay. 
Next, the teacher will guide students in finding an introduction that can catch the reader’s attention, ways to organize the article structure, and ways to capture the attention of readers throughout the article to impress them. 
After the student has completed the essay, the teacher will proofread by focusing on vocabulary, grammar, meaning, etc., and make overall modifications and recommendations pertaining to the reasonableness of the structure and fluency of the essay. 
As essay is important in reflecting the student’s capabilities; the teacher will aim to retain the author’s original style of writing to present his/her unique characteristics, so that the interviewer can get to know the student’s uniqueness from the essay. 
If the student’s level of English is weak and he/she is unable to exercise logical thinking in English when structuring the essay, the teacher will help the student to conceptualize it in Chinese, and then help him/her translate to English, providing step-by-step assistance in completing the essay. 
The number of words, direction, structure, key points highlighted, article fluency and word accuracy of an essay affect its quality and score. C&T English Academy will help students to obtain high scores for their papers.