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Application to US colleges - Consultation service for US college
Do You Need a Consultant to Help You Apply to US Colleges? 
Do you know the requirements for applying to US colleges? Does your child meet the requirements?
The role of a US college consultant is similar to that of a coach, as s/he is familiar with the characteristics and strengths of each college, and knows well the academic requirements of different colleges and academic departments. Our college consultants will base their assessment on the examination content, consider every student’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses on the subjects of interest, assist them in arranging and planning the course content and examination times, and provide appropriate recommendations. 
Also, our consultants will accompany and guide the students throughout the program, ensuring that they are able to follow the schedule and progress towards a successful college application. We once came across parents who started to realize the need to strengthen their child's SAT ability when she was already in the 12th grade. The hasty preparation greatly hampered child’s college application preparation. It not only wasted the first two precious years in senior high, but also put tremendous pressure on the child due to the time constraint. 
Hence, we recommend that parents find a consultant to help their child when they are in the 8th or 9th grade, to help them find their own interest and position, and plan their learning maps and help them gradually meet the college’s admission requirements. In this way, parents and their children are clearer about the blueprints of their dreams, and thereby become able to take practical steps to achieve their goals. 
C&T English Academy Provides Professional Consultancy Service for US College Admission. We..
1.   Guide students in preparing admission examinations such as TOFEL, SAT / ACT, etc.; 
2.   Provide detailed consultation so as to understand the student’s strengths; plan and arrange for examinations such as SAT II, AP, IB, etc.; 
3.   Review student’s school results and performance, provide appropriate suggestions and strengthen the arrangements;
4.   Recommend appropriate extracurricular activities and training, and competitions the will enhance the students ability to excel; 
5.   Arrange for overseas summer courses and internship, so as to enrich the student’s resume and enhance his/her strengths; and 
6.   Regularly review and adjust the content of the student's plan at least twice per school term, and keep the parents abreast of the progress. 
We welcome parents to enquire about our services.